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Comic 717 – “Final Session for Errol”

Errol: Did I mention I’m done singing for the EP!? HUZZAH! Rejoice! ^_^ I can’t wait for this to be done. I haven’t even HEARD all of the songs yet, there were a lot of solo songs for Debs. I do like our Undead Crawler song. It makes me laugh. 😀


Devin: It’s true…I don’t do this full time.  But some days it sure FEELS like it…

Seriously though, songs are usually in flux right up to the microphone…
 “it’s not final ’till it’s vinyl” is a phrase from… ah… long, long ago.

*fires up Commodore 64*

19 Responses to Comic 717 – “Final Session for Errol”

  1. You can tell that D&E haven’t performed this one more than once or twice, because otherwise they’d have sorted out at least some of these issues already.

      • I thought Undead Crawler was one of the definite songs- not the one we picked out of the possibles (which I recall as being “My Partner’s a Nerd”)

        Maybe I’m remembering wrong though…

      • Correct, MP 🙂 “Undead Crawler” was a definite song. “My Partner’s a Nerd” and “Commodore 64” were among the possibles, but the vote was so close between them (with the others lagging way, way behind) that we’re sneaking it on as well. Now that I’ve talked to our mixing guy about his timeline, I can write up an Indiegogo update on that tonight and announce it officially.

      • I did check my facts after posting the comment (I know, I could have done it beforehand, but I wasn’t thinking at the time)…

      • Oh cool Debs.. I was wondering which won! I really think “My Partner’s a Nerd” will serve you well. I couldn’t help but vote for “Greatest Canadian Zero” just because I loved the original tune. At least I think that was my choice. I had a hard time choosing between what I wanted an what I thought would be most popular on the album. In the end I think I decided to be selfish.

        AND OH MY! I just found the original MP3s for most all of the choices! They are 5 years old, but I am content! 😀

      • :: smirk:: you do realize what you just guaranteed will happen at your next live online concert, yes?