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Comic 718 – “Depletion”

Errol: Errol: Monday night was weird. I got home, I ate some home made pasta made by my eldest daughter who received a pasta maker as an early birthday gift, and then I went to sleep.

I lay there until about 10pm and woke up to do the comic, then I went to bed again.

I think I need to get to bed earlier. My brother in law is down, and every time he’s down, we go to movies. I think we’re going to hit three this week. We may go again tonight, if I have energy. 😀

13 Responses to Comic 718 – “Depletion”

  1. Time and space mean nothing to Errol. Is he a robot…or is he a Time Lord? He does own a sonic screwdriver now.

  2. Why would I run away?! I’m actually resisting the urge to be all “Errol. ERROL! WANNA PRACTICE? HUH? THE WEBSERIES? OR A SKIT? OR SOMETHING?! STUUUUFFF!”

  3. Of course, if Errol needs recharging I could always hook him up to the solar panels we now have…

  4. I kinda felt like with the core shutdown there was great chance for a Reboot joke (as in the CGI series). Maybe that’s just me. It just reminded me of the end of season 3.