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13 Responses to Comic 736 – “Band Existence”

  1. That is very busy. Lots of NanoWrimo stuff already. I need to decide if I’m going to give Nano another shot. XD

    Album cover… Ctrl Alt Delete keyboard buttons but only have them with Debs and Errol symbols (or names) instead?

    • DO EET! ^_^

      And I actually sent in that idea to Debs. She’s not that keen on it. ^_^ But it may end up being something like that!

      • Given the name as “Ctrl+Alt+Duets”, I would think having the ctrl and alt keys normal, but the delete key with your flower and smile images, maybe in opposite corners or something, would be a good idea. Or the word “Duets” with your symbols above and below it.

        Also: NaNoWriMo in a month and a half! In January I couldn’t wait for November. Now, I wish I had more time. But that’s just because in January, I had a story in mind to write, and now I don’t. Must brainstorm!

  2. I’m sooooo tired! Been a busy month and its just getting started! My family opened a Restaruant and then a week later I had a baby! He’s now two weeks old! And I need to start planning for nano because for some silly reason I decided to ml again. I miss sleep….

  3. Yeah we’ll see how much writing actually gets done. But really my husband is super supportive and pushes me to finish each November, if it wasn’t for him I would never have finished my first nano let alone come back again and again. I’m grateful for his support and willingness to take the kids for a bit so I can write and go to meetings and such. Speaking of nano anyone have their plots done yet? I have no idea what I’m doing this go around, I should probably work on that

  4. Seeing how busy you guys are makes me feel so much better about my boring-by-comparison life. Which I’m sure is highly not comforting to you, except maybe that you’re reducing stress in someone else’s life. Doing good in the world! Keep it up! 😀