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Comic 735 – “Hectic Schedule”


Errol: Debs sent me a list of stuff. Doesn’t helped I’m booked every night this week. ^_^
Debs: I still don’t know what “TL;DR” is. And hey…you got two important Orycon things for tonight done so that was awesome. 😛 I don’t think I can come dancing. I wonder what it would be like to have an open “to do” list that everyone could see. Maybe I should email you this stuff instead of putting it in a blurb.

And in completely unrelated news, I spent a lot of last night play THIS  STUPID GAME. You will be addicted. Forever. I hate cookies.

Whitless: I laughed a lot at this comic. This is because this is very true of Errol. The moment he says “I’m in!” I’m 85% certain that he only read as far as “Hey, do you want to–” or ‘I had this idea–“. I know this because I’ll call him two days later to confirm the date and his response will be “Wait, what? What are we doing? When?”. This requires extra vigilence with all Errol related e-mails 😀

9 Responses to Comic 735 – “Hectic Schedule”

  1. Don’t feel bad Debs. I only learned what TL;DR means recently. I think within the last month and a half actually. XD

  2. “Too Long; Didn’t Read,” huh? And who says you can’t learn anything on the Internet!

    Orycon, Orycon, Orycon!!!

  3. YAY, Nanotoons!

    I used to moderate the Extended Discussions forum on Gaia, I became VERY well aware of the various uses of TL;DNR, all of them against the rules of that particular forum. @.@

  4. MP, Do you know the scheduled for new Who season, the special, and the anniversary; cross the pond by you lot, yet?

    • I haven’t been keeping up with that info myself- I’ll try and do a bit of digging later…

      Considering how hectic D&E’s schedules are, I doubt they have time for much songwriting, so I reckon we could fill in on creating parodies for them…

      For example: “I’m a stormtrooper, and I’m okay” (music courtesy of Monty Python)

    • I thought it was the same as here? Season 7 was. I know the special is November 23. No dates have been said so far (to my knowledge) for the Christmas episode or next season. Thought next season will obviously be in 2014. XD