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Comic 738 – “Princess Bride Knitting Circle”


Errol: There are always so many comics that I can do on any given day, and then new things pop up and I need to put others on the backburner.

Anyway, poor Manpans. She’s worried about space at her house.

And where’s Debs in all of this? She’s sadly busy. In all the time she’s knit our Totoros, I don’t think she’s asked me to knit with her once! You’d think that if there was a new knitter, you’d want to invite them into the fold! *laugh*

BTW, I now think this would make a good band name.

Debs: What? You asked me and I said that I was probably yes! As for the Totoros, I multitask. If you want to knit on the subway with me while I’m going somewhere, you’re more than welcome to. 😛
Whitless: This all happened in G-chat. Suddenly at work I’ll get a “GROUP CHAT ENTERED” notification and there’s Errol and Amy chatting away, usually mid conversation. The middle of this conversation just happened to be that I was hosting a knitting party. Go fig :D.

Errol of course had to tell all of facebook and suddenly I saw five or six “Oooooh, when? I want to join!” and I thought about my very tiny apartment and how very tiny it is and I started to panic ever so slightly. I guess this means I’ll have to clean :D.

5 Responses to Comic 738 – “Princess Bride Knitting Circle”

  1. The way Errol uses Gchat is kind of astounding to me. I occasionally find myself part of a group of random women (and Errol), some of whom I have never met. Meanwhile, Errol is spazzing out in capital letters about something unrelated to anything we have ever discussed before.

    The other day, he brought me into a GChat and asked what my students called me. When I mentioned that it depended, but some of them called me Dr. Kari, he immediately freaked out and began screaming via capital letters, “YOU’RE A DOCTOR! I KNOW A DOCTOR! I FORGOT YOU WERE A DOCTOR! I CAN CALL YOU DOCTOR! DOOOOOOOOOOOOOCCCCCCCCCTOOOOOOOORRRRR! DOOOOOOOOOCCCCCCCCTTTTOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORRRRRRRRRRRR!” Manda told him to take a chill pill. He did not.

    I only realised later on that if Errol’s typed screams were translated into actual speech, he would sound rather like a Dalek.

  2. Ok is gchat google talk? I have yet to successfully use that one. Then again it’s rare I use any of my chat/IM programs. I really should go on those more. XD

  3. Computer in for repairs, posting from ipad again. Now that I know I can chat with my G+ pals via AIM, I need to add more people to my G+.