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Comic 739 – “Alllooooooo!”


Errol: Yes, this happens every day. Not yesterday, though, I think I forgot. I need to step up my game.
Kari: This really does happen every morning now.  Well…it didn’t happen on Thursday.  On Thursday, Errol actually missed an opportunity to torment me in front of my class.  I had my laptop open because our projector was malfunctioning and turning everything green, and I wanted to show the students the actual colours of the painting we were analysing.  Errol could have screamed at me in capital letters every three seconds via Google Chat, but he didn’t.  He’s still kicking himself.

One Response to Comic 739 – “Alllooooooo!”

  1. If it gets any worse, Kari can always change her contact details and only give them to Debs and/or Manda…