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Comic 741 – “Ankle Emerg”


Debs: Yup, this happened. Somehow I completely missed the fact that Errol was in the ER and proceeded to ask him about 10 perk-related questions which he answered. Then I went on Facebook and saw the picture of him in a wheelchair outside the hospital. Then I asked which hospital he was at and he wouldn’t tell me because he said he feared me. Poor Errol.

Ja-Mez drew this in Errol’s honour 😀 Awesome!

Errol Vs The Tree

Errol: And Mercenary Pen drew this one!

Errol's tree problem

12 Responses to Comic 741 – “Ankle Emerg”

  1. I want to say poor Errol but it’s a bit too funny. XD At least nothing too serious seems to have happened as a result. And Ja-Mez’s pic is awesome! 🙂

  2. I don’t buy it only being a sprained ankle- sorry Errol, we’re going to have to take the leg off 😛

  3. To be fair, I am a moderately decent artist and I am utterly stymied by Paint and it’s incredible limitations. We can’t all be as awesome as Debs.

  4. I’m puzzled by Errols hands. Are they stuck together? And the text seems to emerge out of the blue dot in the stuck together hands. Are we sure Errol doesn’t speak with his hands now like a sock puppet?

    Also whose tail is that? Reminds me of orphan black. Get well soon Errol!