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Comic 742 – “Manpanic”


Errol: Poor Manpans. For those that don’t know, D&E and (hopefully) weTangent are doing a show at Monkey Night in Canada!
Whitless: Manpanic! That’s a good word for it. I also like Panic Pans though. I’m going to Errol’s on Thursday and HOPEFULLY we can figure something out. Idiot. I actually DIDN’T panic at first! I was all cool and calm and “Whatever, we’ll figure it out”. Then a few hours later it dawned on me how screwed we were. Screwed screwed screwed. And now…panic…GRAGHGLE. In other news, we have a new D&D episode, check it out!

9 Responses to Comic 742 – “Manpanic”

  1. I still find it jarring to see the abbreviation D&D used for something other than Dungeons and Dragons… so on that note: “Suddenly a horde of trees come to steal your Errol, roll for initiative.”

    • Lol, same here! But… Why would Manda need to roll for initiative? Watching and cheering are free actions….

  2. Also, we should come up with a list of Manpans portmanteau words- such as Manpantomime, Manpanorama and Manpanzer (though how we’re going to contrive a scene involving Manda and a German-built Tank I have no idea)

    • Also, we should be aware that if Manda comes down ill with anything serious it’ll probably count as a Manpandemic.

    • Although in this case I probably rate quite highly because Errol is less gifted in matters of wordplay.