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Comic 744 – “Panic Pans!”


Errol: That’s right, it’s getting closer to Monkey Night in Canada and Panic Pans is getting worse! We did practice last night though! It will work!
Whitless: There will be a lot of stumbling around on crutches. Tonight I finalize my Whitless Letters. Tomorrow we perform. I already feel like I’m going to puke. The word “fine” only sets me even further one edge. In the acting world “fine” means “less than adequete”. I don’t want to be less than adequete! I want to be super fantastic! THERE’S NO GUARANTEE OF THAT!…On the plus side, the crutches now makes this skit funnier

4 Responses to Comic 744 – “Panic Pans!”

  1. “Don’t you have a tree to climb?” LOL. I am so going to start saying that to people who are putting me on edge. 🙂