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Comic 746 – “Devin Upham, the Geek”


Errol: Did I have fun that night? Oh man did I have a lot of fun that night! ^_^
Debs: Oh my god. I couldn’t even look – I was covering my eyes the entire time. You’re brave, Manda.
Whitless: I was terrified, STILL nervous about our upcoming script, and thinking of revenge all at the same time. I almost ran off the stage in terror. But I did it! Then I made Errol buy me a drink.

13 Responses to Comic 746 – “Devin Upham, the Geek”

  1. I would probably have been in danger of passing out in that situation. If I had been there watching, I’d have covered my eyes too. I don’t like stuff like that.

  2. Oh I would have covered my eyes too. Eww just thinking about it makes me squeamish. However I probably would have watched Manda pull the nail out. XD

  3. I would not have been able to watch either. Except maybe the fire. Controlled fire is pretty much always awesome.