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Comic 750 – “NaNoWriMo Site Is Open!”


Errol: Yesterday, the NaNoWriMo site opened up. I was excited. I also had a honey cruller.

Every morning, I say good morning to my knitting group, Manpans, Amy, Kari and Jeanette. That morning, I was apparently pretty insane with my excitement.

Pretty… insane.

Debs was off doing work and being productive.

Debs: He brought me into the group chat for a few minutes before I left for Aaron’s. Then he proceeded to say disturbing things involving bodily functions. There should be more guys in the group chat. Pipe in Alex? 😀
Whitless: I think he might have been foaming at the mouth with excitement. He also made us all go to the forum to introduce ourselves. NaNo is almost here! I’ll get to participate this year!
Kari: …I wasn’t even there.  I teach all day on Wednesdays.  Errol is incapable of remembering this.  I get these sad little messages reading, “Where were you?  You weren’t chatting with us!  We missed you!”  And I’m all, “Dude, I was standing in a classroom in front of twenty-eight undergrads, ranting about essay writing.”  Speaking of which, I need to go do that again now.

Oh…and yes, Errol gave me the Power of the Blurb a week or so ago.  He may come to regret it.  He doesn’t know I’m writing this particular blurb.  Dun dun dunnnn.

17 Responses to Comic 750 – “NaNoWriMo Site Is Open!”

  1. Heh, I’m amused by poor Kari’s reaction to a very loud Errol. I’m actually surprised they just don’t gang up on him, duct tape his mouth shut and then go on their merry way only for Debs to come across him still duct taped 😛

  2. I’ve been as organised as ever for NaNo- so I’ve got a fairly comprehensive skeleton for my novel already, as well as a novel title, and even a planned ending to the novel (this last one is a first for me)

    • You make me very sad. For myself, though, not for you. I haven’t started NaNo prep, but I’m hoping to make this a productive October. I’ve never had quite as much going into NaNo as you have. A rough outline is all I can hope for.

      • Oh yeah, me too. Last year, I did come up with one around the 20th, but then I scrapped the novel and it didn’t matter anyway. This year, I plan to write something that I’ve been planning (not in a outlining kind of way, just…planning to do) for a long, long time, and still have no idea what to call it.

      • Please bear in mind that my definition of fairly comprehensive leaves me with plenty of wiggle room on the precise sequence of events, a little ambiguity in the historical periods likely to be channeled into my moderately sized star empire and a few other areas where I’m deliberately not pinning myself down so that I can see where the writing takes me.

      • I’ve done that before with writing, come up with a series of plot points to keep me on track, and then start writing and see where it takes me. It’s been fun in the past to go back when the story is done or close to it and see how far off I went from the original outline. But I’ve never had that much for NaNo really. In 2009, I had some planned out, but got to the end of my planning halfway through the month and really had to pants it (which I really don’t like doing).

      • I was going to say it takes a bold person to put their raw NaNo novel online, but then I remembered who I was talking to…

        Edit: Errol, you have more writing buddies on NaNoWriMo than I have friends on Facebook. O_o

  3. Yay, someone understands!
    I spend all day today telling people how excited I was for NaNoWriMo and they all either said “No, there is no way I am even attempting that again this year.” or “What?” and it was so disappointing.

    Then I downloaded the NaNoMusical videos and ripped the audio to my MP3 player so I can “rewatch” it when I’m not even at a computer. If I get the musical vibes out of my system now, maybe I’ll be able to win this year (my second try!).

  4. I CAN’T start my Nanoprep yet. I’m doing book 3 of a trilogy, and if I start rereading and editing 1 and 2 now, I’ll be ready to write by the end of next week, and by the time Nano comes… waiting will have killed the muse. SO instead, I am working on writing other things. Last year, I challenged myself to try and do one short novel in October as a warm up. (I do two long ones for Nano….) but I only got about 45K into my short one, and that was between half and three quarters of the length it will probably end up being. I need to work on that some more, and finish it finally.

    Anyone know why estimate S&H on a 61$ order (a chunk of that being a donation) came out to $18.50? That’s practically 2 more shirts! UGH! And they only want to do 2 day priority. I don’t even wear the stuff til Nov, who needs 2 day at this point?

    Errol, I want to sign up for one of the WW teams, how does this happen?

    @ Kristi – I put my raw camp nano one up. No one had any interest in reading it.

    • I’ve never gotten to the end of the month with a completed novel before, so I couldn’t share even if I wanted to. But I probably wouldn’t want to, and I only know of one or two people who would even have any interest. I suppose I did share what I wrote in 2009 with a friend, but we were working on a writing project together at the time, and what I wrote was related…and I still tried to fix it up some before I let him read it.

  5. NANOWRIMO!!!!!!
    I spent a good five minutes staring at the site because it was so pretty.

    I know what I want my book to be about, but there’s no plotline yet.

  6. I was watching the NaNoWriMo twitter feed so intently on Tuesday, but then on Wednesday I was doing homework/real work all day and didn’t even see that the site was live until the afternoon. It’s like Tuesday Su and Wednesday Su didn’t even know each other.

    My “nano prep” is going to be “get all the homework done that I can during October.” So I should go do that now.