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Comic 751 – “Google Group Chats”


Errol: Sadly, sometimes you can’t pull in other people depending on how they’re on google chats. For example, if I’m on my phone, I can’t get a whole whack of people to join chatting! No fun!
Debs: When I got to Errol’s house to hang out with his kids yesterday, even Ekko was in the group chat. Wait, did Errol just call Kari “Karbars”?
Whitless: Yup! It’s been Karbars for about a month now :D. I can add people to chats on my phone :D. And this is a morning ritual. I’m doing a blog post on it!
Kari: *Sigh*…yes, I have somehow become Karbars.  Sometimes, I think Errol just takes the random sounds generated when he mashes his fingers on the keyboard and turns them into nicknames.

2 Responses to Comic 751 – “Google Group Chats”

  1. Lol. The chats seem to be a scary place. ::Grins::

    BTW, Errol, did someone get nominated?