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Comic 762 – “Bandcamp Defender!”


Errol: We were looking at stats yesterday. Stats are fun. Of course, I was comparing them to the NaNoToons stats. I don’t even promote Nanotoons, and they blow the doors off of D&E. *laugh*

Debs put the stats on our FB page. Now everyone can see how many things we’ve sold and think we’re losers. *sigh* ^_^ Hey! These things take time!

4 Responses to Comic 762 – “Bandcamp Defender!”

  1. Okay, so shared this with Debs and Errol via Email and aim, had to share this with everyone. I have a (very) few geeky co-workers at my job, and one is in to Trek. So when I had him alone in the office, I pulled up “Tribbles” on my phone and played it for him. Get this… he’s already heard it! One of his other friends played it for him!!!!!!! SQUEE!!!!!