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Comic 763 – “Press Kits”


Errol: We need to get this EP out to the blogging masses. By all means, if you wish to spread the word, go for it!
Debs: I think our professional writing tendencies is like our musical timing tendencies: completely mismatched.

4 Responses to Comic 763 – “Press Kits”

      • I tried to edit my post, but it was past the 5 minutes… I was hoping my statement about Adam didn’t come across wrong. I was referring to him not knowing some of the songs, including one that seems a classic to me. But I forgot for a moment that he is 10 years younger than me. I guess that means I’m getting old, right?

        Also, I found his fixation on owl-Errol humorous. Do you get that often?

      • No, actually. Sometimes, when people can’t understand my name, I bring up the weasley owl and the swampdragon from discworld, but that normally doesn’t help either (If Errol Flynn doesn’t work)

        So… I now just say, “Rhymes with Carol”