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Comic 765 – “Assembly Sprites”


Errol: If you’ve ever emailed us, you will know that Debs handles all the D&E email, while I handle all the D&E twitter.

Lately, she’s been pulling an Errol on the Bandcamp developers! It’s pretty cool! They showed us assembly code! Debs was a bit confused. Heck, I’m scared of Assembly code still. I know my friend Phil still programs in assembly. I think. Or maybe he’s still doing Rexx. Poor guy. *LAUGH*

Debs: I didn’t hide the fact that I was confused 🙂 But I did point Errol to the message in the hopes that he would understand where the heck I’d been sent to and he did! When it comes to code, I’m a sucky Errol. Okay, I’m generally a really sucky Errol. Anyway, I’m just happy that Bandcamp humans are awesome because Bandcamp is awesome.

If you’re wondering how this all came about in the first place, it was because I got all excited about Defender when I accidentally clicked on it and then there was a comic that Errol tweeted at them! I think. They gave me a cheat for Defender too but I’m having enough trouble when it’s still easy.

5 Responses to Comic 765 – “Assembly Sprites”

  1. Really ? They gave Assembly code? I don’t even know how to compile that anymore. Last time I used Assembly my machine sent data around in blocks that were 8 bits in size not 64. Though I did make a really cool terminate and stay resident clock with some friends as our project.

  2. True story: I was watching Elysium when the baddie corporate guy starts writing x86 assembly. And I thought “Oh man, the worst thing about this post-apocalyptic future is they _still_ haven’t got rid of x86”.