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Comic 766 – “NaNoToons Drama”


Errol: As most of you know, I help draw the NaNoToons. The prologue to NaNoToons has Rob wanting to quit, and this emotionally affected Manpans to my surprise. The above is from a gchat we had last night! ^_^

Oh, and Falling Quickly is the song on the sidebar. ^_^ She also gets emotional to “Where Were You” from NaNoMusical.

Whitless: I know I say “this really happened” a lot…but seriously all of this is directly lifted from the g-chat. I am feeling all the feels tonight.

I don’t know how he does it EVERY TIME but he does. There I will be, fine and dandy and then POOF, emotional girly wreck. Even when he does 80’s style songs. 80’s songs! If you know me, you know how rare that is.

But seriously… I am really sad Rob is quitting… I got invested… I am going to murder Errol.

12 Responses to Comic 766 – “NaNoToons Drama”

  1. Just walk Errol past some trees, he should be able to finish himself off without anyone being able to blame it on you- what with Errol’s irresistible urge to climb them…

  2. I still have to catch up on Nanotoons. XD I should bookmark it on my Nook so I can catch up while I’m out.

      • Nope, why bother with a petition- we just have the artist draw him chained to a laptop with Write or Die open (lunatics with weapons in the background entirely optional)

      • Heck I’d be all for that!!! Either that or we can just have Errol listen to a Write or Die soundtrack and don’t let him have a computer to get rid of it…..a couple minutes of that and he’ll listen to our demands!!!!! 3:)

  3. Gyah, wish I had been caught up on Nanotoons, but then again, given the creators, this may not be forever! He may come back!