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Comic 770 – “Sneak Peek”

Errol forgot to post this. Weird! Ah, well, I am Debs.

Debs: Earlier this week, we pitched the idea of creating WrimoSongs to NaNo Headquarters and they were all for it! We’re hoping to post more music there in November, and not necessarily just our music either. The musical is up there, and so is a CD that Errol and I made with awesome local participants! All of the money raised through Bandcamp sales will go to NaNoWriMo to help support their awesomeness. It’s pretty much a win-win 🙂

9 Responses to Comic 770 – “Sneak Peek”

  1. I’m on my way to my region’s kick-off party, but had to take a quick minute to exclaim over this. NaNoMusical songs available to download, YAYYYYY! I am beyond excited about this, you have no idea!

  2. I have now fulfilled my duty in plugging Nanotoons in all the appropriate places that I frequent- admittedly I should have done this earlier, but better late than never.

  3. Squee! I am so excited! You keep releasing all the things I need to throw money at soon :S
    I’ve been listening to the NaNoMusical songs for the past two months, but I just have the entire movie audio on my MP3 player that I skip through to the songs.