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Comic 771 – “Packed Weekend”


Errol: Clearly, we talk more than this, but Debs was crazy busy over the weekend and I spent most of it with my family! Of course, I also finished off the script of NaNoToons. That took me all day on Saturday, crazy. I still need to draw another… uh… 27 or so. *sigh*

Tomorrow, Tuesday, I get to see Nefarious Bed & Breakfast! HUZZAH!

12 Responses to Comic 771 – “Packed Weekend”

  1. My mind is drowning in layers of indirection trying to sort through Nanotoons.. OK who’s the bald character?- oh yeah he’s Rick, but no actually Rick is Dave here, But really Dave’s really kinda Errol right? Because Errol is also who Rick is. Yeah, that’s it, So Rick is Dave and wait who is the bald guy again? Oh yeah that’s Ja-Mez.. What?!? No! That can’t right.. AAAAAGGGHHHH!!!

  2. The one dimensionality would matter less if that dimension were not- without fail- “I must channel my inner Errol into this character”…