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Comic 773 – “Errol’s in a Play”


Errol: I was all set. I was all set to do my part, shake hands with Doctor Nefarious, and walk off. And then I saw the bell. A nice shiny reception bell. And it wanted to belled, as all bells do. And I couldn’t help myself. After a couple of times, Doctor Nefarious realized he had to take it away in order to get me out. I was so happy.

It was a fun show though! I enjoyed it! You can still get tickets if you live in Toronto! Check out: The Nefarious Bed & Breakfast.

Oh, one other thing we need to tell you about. This Friday, we have a gig with the Holodeck Follies! I’ve been tweeting about it, and it’s coming soon! So much stuff in November!

Whitless: Seriously, the look of delight on his face and Doctor Nefarious quietly taking the bell away was priceless. Congrats to the cast and crew surviving Errol and having a great opening night!

9 Responses to Comic 773 – “Errol’s in a Play”

  1. Haha I love the faces!

    Wait so the comic is called “Errol’s in a Play” but the title is “Errol’s Has a Walk-On”?

  2. So, not knowing anything about the play, and not having any chance to see it, did the bell at least work in favor of the scene? Or did it just completely throw things off?

      • Cool! I always appreciate people who can handle unexpected changes like that. I suppose anyone who works with Errol has to get good at that too, right?