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Comic 774 – “So Much Nano”


Errol: Every year, this happens. Every year I think I will pull back. I think I have a problem. I can’t stop NOT doing things during November.

Tomorrow we have our gig with the Toronto Dandies and their Close Shave fundraiser for Movember! Huzzah! I think we’re on at 8:30 or something. 😀

Debs: It’s like me and my inability to relax like…ever. I like vegetable chips.

25 Responses to Comic 774 – “So Much Nano”

  1. I want chips! In fact, I need to go buy some because I signed up to bring chips to tonight’s NaNo kickoff.

  2. I want chips! Also Happy Halloween! 🙂 Annnddd I still don’t know what I’m writing for Nano. XD Not to mention I have company so I’ll probably start late.

  3. I want CHiPs too! CHiPs was awesome!! I loved CHiPs!!! How can you not love Erik Estrada and Larry Wilcox racing motorcycles around as the California Highway Patrol with all the explosions and the excitement! When’s the viewing party? I see Su is already cosplaying as Jon. I could be Poncherello!

    Oh! Manpans would love watching all the episodes since the guys go around wearing tight pants all the time…

  4. I quite fancy crisps (which would be chips in north america) but if I eat them now I’ll need to get more as provisions for NaNo, which starts in just under eight hours.

    One of those things about living in the UK and not north america, when we say crisps we mean chips, and when we say chips we mean fries (as an approximation).

  5. I have the same problem! Too much in November. I’ve got Nano and I do a booth at a craft fair every year so I’ll have lots of cooking to do right before that and my friend talked me into doing a 5k with her on the 16th. On top of all that my mom was in a rollover on Monday so I’m helping take care of her the next few days so I didn’t get plotting done and will be starting nano late as well. And now I want chips so off to the hospital vending machine I go…

  6. oh SHOOT it’s not October anymore!! O.o’
    somehow I managed to lose track of the time!? I kept thinking Saturday would be the first of November… I have to go write now!