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Comic 779 – “Two Too Many”


Errol: Poor Debs. The real reason I don’t want her doing comics is that it takes her… well… two hours. Two hours to do one comic. It may be more.

And do you know what happens then? After two hours of struggling with Photoshop, we have a very unhappy Debs. And who has to deal with unhappy Debs? Me.


Poor Debs.

Debs: Stupid Photoshop CS. I hate how you look on a Mac.

12 Responses to Comic 779 – “Two Too Many”

  1. Busy rewatching NaNoMusical between bursts of writing (and over lunch- no writing during lunch or I food in the laptop knowing my luck)

      • I tend to be a little more careful most of the time, but I did manage to spray a bottle of coke over the keyboard of my laptop a month or so back (no ill effects from that at the moment, but I’m being careful now because the last thing I want is to suddenly lose the use of my keyboard during NaNo- even if I do have an old desktop machine keyboard that I could plug in to take up the strain)

      • Nope, bottle had shaken up and I was opening it for the first time- sorry for being unclear about that.

        In other news, I’m thinking that the comic for the day of your return should be titled either “OryGone” or “My neighbour Toronto”…

  2. Have fun at OryCon! You’re gonna be so close to California! I have a 3 day weekend coming up but I already went to Portland over Spring Break…

    Have fun!

  3. Can’t wait for Orycon! Ack, it’s tomorrow, and I’m not even packed, but I’ll be there at your concert Friday night. Hopefully in full chainmaille, as long as I can wrestle with my bracers and make them behave. Yay, cons 😀