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Comic 778 – “PoP!-Cast!”


Errol: Tonight! We’re on PoP!-Cast! At 10:30pm EST! Debs knows more about it, since she organized it. I just filled out an interview.

14 Responses to Comic 778 – “PoP!-Cast!”

  1. Yes, yes you do have a mouseover…

    On the subject of BSG (from last night), maybe Errol could try the original version from the seventies and eighties, after all, that’s so much more child friendly than the remake- and might serve as a stepping stone to it in the long run.

    (Why yes, I do wish to accelerate the descent of your children into inescapable geekiness)

    • Oh, I think my kids are doing fine on the geekiness scale.

      My daughter has just joined a book club. Her favourite genre is fantasy so far. So they’re going to see about reading a fantasy graphic novel. ^_^

  2. Aww sorry I couldn’t make it last night. Was involved in busy things but I hope it went well. 🙂 And yay mouseover! XD


    Okay, so I’m not really THAT excited about it, but since I have pointed out more than one missing one, I thought it appropriate to over-exaggerate there being one today.

    I wish I could have joined you all last night, but that time of the evening is my only chance to write on week nights.

      • My first reaction to that is, “Let’s do it, sounds like fun!” But after a little more thought…doesn’t that sound like the most boring google hangout ever? Everyone’s just sitting right in front of their camera, looking down at whatever they’re writing with, and not talking.

        And yes, I know that “writing session” means something different to you than it does to others, but if no one is writing, than isn’t it just a NaNo discussion hangout?

      • Mouseover!!!!

        Well, we can word war and help each other talk through ideas and road blocks. Would this be all on audio, or just as a chat or video or what?

      • I’m kinda boring in this regards. I wouldn’t actually talk… or discuss anything. It’s merely a presence thing. ^_^

      • I like presence. At one point in time, Debbie Ohi and I used to do this. Just hang out and work. It was good to have that presence there. ^_^

      • Well, hey, I’m all for it. Just wasn’t sure how it would work. In the past, I have enjoyed working quietly with other people who were also working, but I always worry that it is boring for everyone else. If there were more than just a couple people involved, there may very well be talking. Honestly, I’ve yet to attend a real life writing session myself, so I don’t even know how those tend to go.

      • Some people chat to themselves. Me, I can’t be at a writing session with too many people because I get excited. 😀