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Comic 787 – “NaNo Lecturing”


Errol: I don’t know what came over me. This person, whom I will call ‘she’, came into chat and started talking about losing interest in her novel. And then she mentioned this was a pattern and she lost interest in most of her novels. And then, I just went into straight lecture mode.

And, I was blunt. I was really blunt. A lot blunter than I was in this comic. I felt a bit bad because I didn’t soften the message at all. I just told her how it was, and that if she wants to be a creative, she has to do the work.

Sorry random chat person. Maybe you were having an off day. I guess I was having an off day too.

11 Responses to Comic 787 – “NaNo Lecturing”

  1. You should be spending less time in the chat and more time writing Errol- you haven’t logged a new word in about a week… *who slavedrives the slavedrivers*

  2. YOU SAID IT, Errol! Finishing your projects isn’t about “the Muse”; that lovely ghost will have long fled when you’re on the bottom 9. It’s up to grit, determination, sweat, and pain to get you over the finish line. But it will be worth it. You have to remember the passion that put you there, and respect that passion even if you no longer feel it.

    Being lectured like that hurts, but maybe she needed to hear it.