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Comic 792 – “Business or Pleasure?”


Errol: Debs was nervous a lot. I thought she would start explaining our life story together.
Debs: Hey…when he asked how we knew each other, I just said “friends”. I didn’t overshare there. Also, it’s worth pointing out that we were not wearing our band shirts.

18 Responses to Comic 792 – “Business or Pleasure?”

  1. This is when we hope that nobody working for US or Canadian customs reads the comic, right?

  2. I don’t remember customs being that nerve wracking. Then again any time I had to go through customs I usually forgot it was a thing until I was on line. XD Then I have to fill out that paper while waiting.

  3. This is why I sit in the backseat and don’t say anything. I’d probably say something overly stupid to a customs/border person too. And possibly accidentally say something rude because my social filter=nope.

    I remember the first time I went to the States as I kid I was trying to recall the American spellings for colour and favourite. I panicked about the dumbest things when I was 7. xD

  4. This is totally me. I’m always telling customs officials waaaaaaay more information than they need/want. “What’s the purpose of your visit?” “Oh, I’m going to stay with my friend Dawn, who I haven’t seen in person in like six years, and we’re going to go shopping, and maybe see some movies…”

    It’s a miracle I’ve never been held for questioning. Or maybe they just picture how annoying half an hour with me would be and stamp my passport to get rid of me.

    • Yeah, I’m like that too, Su. I overshare and then they stamp it to get rid of me. Although that one time in the States…oh boy.

      • I’ve heard our customs people are a nightmare for international visitors. 🙁 Sorry.
        I swear I’ve gotten the exact same woman every time I’ve gone to London, and I think she really hates her job. And humans.

  5. oh that has to suck…all shall be well Debs 🙂

    I listened to that group Press Start 2 Play because Debs was listening to that…I threw money at them and got music back…see what a corrupting geek you are Debs? 🙂

  6. I’ve never left the United States (yet) so I’ve never had to deal with customs, but I talk *way* too much to the TSA security at airports. Apparently since I wear loose clothes, they make “suspicious” lumps so they have to search me. No problem, though, they’re always very nice, but I tend to start talking. It’s probably a good thing that I look really young for my age. I think they just assume that I’m an excitable teenager, smile and nod, and send me on my way.

  7. When I went to Canada this summer, the customs guy was exactly like this. They ask you what is in your bag, where you are going, and then sometimes they make you talk. It’s nothing to be afraid of.

    Although, I find it weird that Debs is the one doing all the talking, not Errol.