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Comic 791 – “Airport Customs”


Errol: This was awesome. There was this huge lineup, there must have been about 600 people, there were so many! And we bypassed the line because of our wheelchair! I will not, however, sprain my ankle for the next flight.

10 Responses to Comic 791 – “Airport Customs”

  1. Hey, I just realized that comic #800 is coming up! 9 days, whoo!
    Also, airports are frightening and huge and water bottles cost $5 each. I don’t like airports.

      • Might be better to go for 825, because otherwise there’s less time before you reach comic 900 and want the next batch of comic submissions from us.

        I shall go run the numbers to determine comparative dates.

      • Comparative dates- as worked out by hand with reference to a calendar for this year only- are as follows:

        Comic 800: Sat 30th November 2013
        Comic 825: Mon 30th December 2013
        Comic 850: Tue 28th January 2014
        Comic 900: Thur 27th March 2014

      • Ooo, that’s really helpful, MP! Hmmmm! Well, I think it would be cool to do it while it’s still this year. I’d actually like to nominate 818 because it’s a favourite and significant number in Debs world – it’s my birthday month/day. But 808 is pretty cool too and that’s a week after NaNo ends. I do agree with you about 850 being too close to the next time.