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Comic 794 – “Day of the Doctor”


Errol: Just to let you know, I won’t be watching this because I want to finish all of the episodes with my youngest daughter! I did get her a Doctor Who shirt thanks to Kari Maaren.

15 Responses to Comic 794 – “Day of the Doctor”

  1. “I did get her a Doctor Who shirt” may be a tad inaccurate. It was more like “Kari had a bunch of T-shirts for the silent auction at the Geek Book Swap, but I totally forgot to tell anyone about this, so Kari was left with an armful of shirts no one wanted, at which point she lost her temper, shoved them at Errol, and told him to get them out of her life. And one of them was a Doctor Who shirt.”

  2. I’m the first Doctor! It said I was grumpy! Sadly I won’t be watching either because I’m a season behind and I can’t watch stuff out of order!

  3. Woo I’ll be watching. Somehow simulcast didn’t translate properly in my mind until just now when I realized I can watch it in a few hours instead of having to wait until tonight like usual. XD Also I am annoyed I missed a week of Doctor Who episodes on BBC America that they were apparently showing, starting from the 10th Doctor. Now I’m left with the last few episodes of last season which… were not my favorite. Bleh. But I have my TARDIS short on and ready to go! πŸ™‚

  4. I’m amused by cartoon Debs reaction..also have the feeling that sonic screwdriver would have almost ended up taken away from Errol lol

    I’ll be watching it at my friend’s house because I don’t have cable where we’ll probably laugh, scream and foam at the mouth. He’ll just sit there and watch my reactions instead lol

  5. Has anyone played the Dr. Who game on Google yet? I hate the last level.
    My friend has a blue sonic screwdriver. Where do you all get yours?

    • I played it a few times yesterday. I prefer the last level to dealing with that weeping angel. The first time I got to the angel part, it just kept killing me over and over, while I stood there trying to figure out what to do. I could only think, “I’m facing it, so I’m staring right at it. How does it keep killing me?!” I finally switched to another tab to avoid dying as the last doctor. Then later I watched my husband play, and when the angel came out, he just kept clicking spastically all over the screen and was able to run away. The last level takes calm and focus. I have always been able to handle that better than having to be fast and stay away from something.

      • I played all the way through that game just the once- though it did take more than two times through all the regenerations to do the job (I am not good at Calm and focus in real time and I think that last level took at least eight regenerations for me)

      • The weeping angel kept following me and it was like a “WHAT THEβ€”” moment.
        I just ran away from it and got to the last level thankfully.

        I died, like, 50 times on the last level.

      • I with you, Kristi– the weeping angel was the worst! The last level was easier than getting past that dang angel.

    • That last level hurt my eyes. I think it only took me two regenerations. The second was the most annoying because I was almost done. The weeping angel really confused me though. I got past it by sheer luck, so I’m still not sure how it works.

  6. I played the game, it claims I took 75 minutes, because you loose a minute every time you die. I hated the last level.

    Just saw the epp. Geeking out, working through all the implications with my friend who cosplays as a Weeping angel over on aim. Just…. Oh my goddess……

  7. I’ve already had some spoilers due to my younger sister being a Whovian, so I just watched Day of the Doctor anyways. SO AMAZING AAAAAHHHHHH!!!! -foams at the mouth in fangirlish glee-