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10 Responses to Comic 795 – “Plane Seating”

  1. So, Errol’s fictional world has Snake people (possibly Yuan-Ti or similar), and bug people (maybe Formians or Thri’Keen, but I really don’t know for sure), and has suddenly taken them to a place roughly analogous with all the stereotypes for Australia… that seem close enough to the money?

    • Snake people? It was a beast with a snake head! 😀

      Bug people, I think I was first thinking of the bug people in the Empire Trilogy… I forgot what they were called.

      And stereotypes of Australia? Weird… which parts? I wasn’t even thinking of that at the time! Maybe it’s because I absolutely suck at landscape descriptions. *laugh*

      • I was thinking more in terms of the “Everything is so much deadlier” stereotype than anything else, which I think came through… I’d forgotten about the Cho-Ja from Kelewan though when thinking about bug people…

  2. Also, your characters should been worried about not recognising the flora (plants) in chapter 13, not the fauna (animals)… given the context of their conversation…

  3. So, did your tickets respectively have the right letters, or did you have to change seats to sit correctly? Or possibly you just sat where you were assigned without being picky about Debs being in D and Errol being in E? These are the important questions!

    I forgot all about Errol’s novel. I got as far as the thief joining them and haven’t gone back. I think that might be because I started getting into my own writing more (a good thing, of course). Or maybe I just forgot.

    • You know what, I actually forget if we’re in the correct seats. 😀 We had D&E seats a number of times on the flight!

      And as for my novel… I’m still shocked MP is reading it, to be honest. *LAUGH*

      THanks MP!

      • Hey, it gives me a short break from writing my novel, though I’m starting to pick up the pace on the writing now (finally, I’ve literally had as many days where I’ve written fewer words than I needed to as days where I’ve written more than 1,667 words…)

        Edit: Also, by keeping reading, I hold you accountable… taking it apart for serious analysis can happen later, but for now I’m willing to just keep you accountable and take the odd break from my own endeavours to clear my head before I return to them.

  4. Currently having my best day of writing for this entire month so far, managed 3,542 words already today.