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Comic 797 – “NaNo Characters”


Errol: Where is the Orycon story arc, you may ask. Well, I will continue that, but it’s taking a bit more effort in drawing for me. This was spit out in fifteen minutes. 😀

And it just happened last night. Jeanette is in my novel, along with Kari, Amy, Manpans, and Debs. I don’t think I know Jeanette’s name any more. It’s just Jenise now.

I wonder if MP noticed I threw him in there. It was very a fleeting sidestory, sorry MP.

Whitless: This was so funny. It happened about five times last night, and every time Errol had no clue what name he was saying. Poor Jeanette 😀
Debs: I wasn’t at the writing session but would like to note that this is post number 1000 on the D&E site.

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