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Comic 798 – “Writing Tools”


Errol: Am I trying to get my nano done? Yes, I’m trying to get my nano done.
Debs: Erm…wasn’t the idea behind non-OryCon comics you not having to draw? Isn’t this drawing?

7 Responses to Comic 798 – “Writing Tools”

  1. Nano is a lost cause for me. Too busy with other stuff but I did manage to start something at least. No where near what I want to do personally but it’s something. I can always try again next year when hopefully less stuff is going on. XD

    Also Happy Thanksgiving to everyone from the U.S. here! 🙂

    • Beware of the Turkeys, for one day they shall rise up and throw off the oppressive shackles of American dominance- or maybe that was cylons… Am I getting those mixed up? 😛

  2. Oh man, I related to this so much. Sorry folks. I gots to write. But everyone keeps asking me about Christmas stuff.

    Also, I think it was him not wanting to draw more complicated backgrounds :D…Though this might count as a complicated background.

  3. I’m only at a little over 27500 but not giving up hope because there’s this crazy guy that wrote all 50,000 in a single day last year

  4. I assume you borrowed the set-up in the comic from Doctor Holocaust… it seems like the sort of equipment he ought to have around.