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Comic 800 – “In Portland!”


Errol: This is Cecilia and Andy! They were our hosts for the Orycon, and they picked us up at the airport wearing our shirts! So awesome! 😀 We… were exhausted.

And they gave us GIFTS! Portland Gifts! They were great hosts!!

Note, that it’s the 800th comic! HUZZAH! And, for those that are expecting a reader submitted comic, it will be on the 18th of December! There’s a reason for that, Debs, wanted that date. I forget why.

5 Responses to Comic 800 – “In Portland!”

  1. Would be good to know which, lol. And would be good to know if they’ll still be in the states by then, ROFL.

  2. until you explained the picture, I thought the 2 of you had traveled in time and met older versions of yourselves lol

    • Couldn’t be, the old guy has facial hair and is thus by definition not Errol- who has basically said that he couldn’t grow a beard/moustache to save his life…