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Comic 799 – “Another Gig During NaNo”


Errol: Poor Debs. To be fair, she actually doesn’t bother me at all. Tomorrow, we have a fund raiser and I don’t know anything about it. I’m just trusting her on the details. And we also had a few articles we wanted to get up. Poor Debs works so hard.

So in real life, Debs still avoids me. *laugh* See? She’s getting a break for all of you people worried about her dealing with an Errol.

7 Responses to Comic 799 – “Another Gig During NaNo”

  1. Well, to parody a song I know…

    Just don’t gig during NaNo
    Bet you’re gigging during NaNo…

    and that’s all I’ve got (but other people could add to the lyrics)

  2. Just hit the requisite 50k words for NaNo- so I’m posting to cheer Errol, Meli and Manda (and anyone else still on the home straight that I don’t know about) on to reach the final pages of their novels.