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Comic 803 – “Ghibli’s Biggest Fan!”

Errol: This is it. Tiff is having a contest on Biggest Studio Ghibli Fan. And I so desperately want to win it!

Please vote for me! ^_^

And what did I do? I spammed Twitter and asked people to give me quotes on why I was biggest the fan. And then I collected those quotes and put them into this comic. I also asked people to include @TIFF_NET. Surprisingly, instead of getting annoyed, the followed me back. Crazy!

For those that gave me quotes, thank you SO MUCH! I tried to get everyone’s in there. If I forgot yours, AUGH! I owe you coffee. Or chips.

However, the contest begins and now I have to convince people to vote for me!

And what’s worse? The thumbnail is too small to read! BLARG!

So this is what I will do for you.

If you can’t read the comic, you can do it here!

And then please vote for me! ^_^

Thank you so much!

Oh, and you can enter the contest too…

And I hear it’s Meli’s birthday! Huzzah! Happy Birthday, Meli! ^_^


24 Responses to Comic 803 – “Ghibli’s Biggest Fan!”

  1. I voted! And it so sucks that people can’t read the thumbnails or see the pics properly. Any chance you could modify your blurb text to point people to a different page to read everything?

    • Happy birthday Meli- sorry about the lack of fanfare but I was a little pre-occupied with NaNo, which put a bit of a cramp on finding time to organise craziness… (maybe we’ll make time for it next year…)

      • That’s why I said make time, not find time- November may always be writing time, but some years that amounts to less time than others and why am I justifying myself to you, you already know about making time for other projects in November despite the writing…

      • Hm… I got a necklace with a dog on it that somehow creepily looks exactly like my dog.
        Um… a family friend brought a huge bday candle that played music and set off the smoke alarm. And I got dinosaur candles!

        Oh, and I also got a bday card from my school in which my teacher drew a really creepy teddy bear in it. O.o

        But I won NaNoWriMo. That was fun!

  2. I’m wondering whether, should Errol win this, TIFF will start asking him to design promotional material any time something Ghibli-related comes along…

  3. I hope you win this, Errol.
    And I just got Ni No Kuni and am LOVING IT!!!


    Debs and I SHOULD post our No Face tribute song…