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Comic 804- “The Beast Within”


Errol: We found out about my snoring when we were recording at Devin’s. Well, I always knew about my snoring, but Debs had never been subjected to it. This… was going to be a test of how long our band can last together if we do more cons. I think we failed the test. Poor Debs.

6 Responses to Comic 804- “The Beast Within”

  1. You just need to get well enough organised that the pair of you needn’t share a room… either that, or investing in noise-cancelling headphones or some similar gadget might be an option.

    • Yeah, noise-cancelling headphones are super expensive but might be worth looking into eventually. It didn’t feel entirely fair to ask for separate hotel rooms since Friends of Filk and the con were covering our costs, and I think sharing with someone else would have stressed me out way more because I needed some control over the space.

  2. Earplugs come in cartons of 50 at Walmart! (Not that I recommend that you shop at Walmart any more than you can help, but that’s where I get them.)

  3. I was going to suggest earplugs too. Though I know from experience that it doesn’t usually help with particularly loud snoring. Better than the full noise though.

    I once shared a room with my husband, his step-brother, and his wife, and every one of them snored at least some. This was before I discovered earplugs as a nighttime aid, so I just laid there getting more and more annoyed for hours. I think I tried putting in ear buds and listening to an mp3 player, but I couldn’t get comfortable that way, and I’ve never been one to fall asleep to music. It was a rough night.

    Oh, but not nearly as bad as the time my husband and I shared a hotel room with his parents. His dad has sleep apnea so he uses a machine at night. The machine apparently tends to slip off in the night, and when it does, it makes a VERY loud noise. How it didn’t wake anyone up is beyond me. I was already awake though, because my husband’s step-mom snores even louder than my husband. I’m not sure I slept at all that night. Facing a second night in the same room, I begged my husband to move out onto the fold-out couch with me, which was in an area that could be separated from the beds by a fold-out partition. It wasn’t perfect, but at least I could sleep.

    • I tried several things in advance and earplugs was one of them, but unfortunately, no dice. They physically hurt (and not even just my ears) and made no difference as far as noise went. Sad. It would have been nice if that had worked.