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Comic 822 – “Fixated”


Errol: My fingers are sore. I’ve been practicing these songs every day. Seriously, this is the most I’ve practiced for a gig ever. The great thing is, we’ll have all these Ghibli songs for whenever we do an anime convention. Hah! ^_^

And wait, isn’t this similar to the comic on Saturday? Yes. Was it because it happened again last night during practice? Yes.

Debs: Frozen. 🙂

3 Responses to Comic 822 – “Fixated”

    • OH! Huzzah! Another band duo! And I like your description! It’s similar to ours! *LAUGH*

      As penned by Nerds with Guitars – “If Weird Al was partying with Sharon, Lois and Bram at Jonathan Coulton’s house, they’d be listening to D&E”