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Comic Submission 818 – Mercenary Pen

Debs: Every 100 comics, we ask for submissions! Since 800 fell right at the end of NaNoWriMo, we pushed it to 818 because it’s Debs’s birthday number. The first one is by our very own Mercenary Pen! He drew (haha, pun) from Debs Art! I think this the first time someone’s done that, so I am happy! Errol would kick my butt in a snowball fight.

Debs: If you’d like to submit a comic but are running late, don’t worry, we can still sneak you in if you send it by the end of the weekend. You can find the templates here! 🙂 Thank you so much for kicking off this round, MP! You are awesome!

9 Responses to Comic Submission 818 – Mercenary Pen

    • I figured that one out the hard way, MP. But it’s still definitely clear and readable, so don’t worry! Are you getting much snow, by the way?

      • Haven’t actually had any since Spring finally began- I suspect we’ll get some during either January or February though.

  1. Waaaaiiiit…
    Debs’ birthday isn’t today, is it?
    -swears- I done goofed up my comic, and now I feel even worse. ARRRGGGHHHHH!

    • I also forgot to give Errol glasses- but do you hear me complaining? Nope, I’m content to sit back and watch comic Errol stumble around without the ability to see properly.