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Comic 833 – “Mnemonics”


Errol: Jenise doesn’t live that far from me, and I’ve been meaning to pick up a book from her for the Dining and Dating series that Manpans and I do. But I always forget to pick it up. And I always forget her address. And don’t worry, that’s not her real address. It’s mine. But not now. Hah! That’s my address back when I was a child! ^_^
Whitless: Apart from the details of the address, this is verbatim how the conversation happened on g-chat. It was hilarious. And Errol! WHAT IF PEOPLE TRY TO STALK YOUR CHILDHOOD HOME NOW?!

7 Responses to Comic 833 – “Mnemonics”

  1. why do I feel the urge to shake Man Child Comic Errol like a rag doll?? the phone is your life, you must not forget the details ….and yes I more or less quoted Obi Wan from Attack of the Clones

  2. Well 511 is the number of collaborators Paul Erdős had, so that’s easy to remember, and McLeod is the clan the immortal highlanders come from, so that’s easy to remember too!

  3. Isn’t Jenise her name in your NaNoNovel? Fiction and reality are one in the same for you, aren’t they? Actually, I’m surprised you managed to tag her name correctly then.

    • Well, I think there was a comic during NaNo where the subject of Errol calling people by the names of the fictional characters he had based upon them was brought up- so it would appear that Errol just hasn’t improved any.

      • That’s true, though during NaNo, while he’s actually writing said story, it’s a lot more forgivable. We’re more than a month removed from NaNo now. He should be a proper Wrimo and pretend his novel never happened.

      • That was a huge over-generalization, and an exaggeration on top of that. I’ve never pretended my novels don’t exist, but I know it’s difficult for many people (including myself) to carry on working on them regularly (or sometimes at all) once November is over.