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Comic 832 – “Wiki Woes”


Errol: Wow, I haven’t had Brian on for a while. He’s the one that runs our server and comments periodically! ^_^ He also helped out Ja-Mez with 3 Geeks in a Pod’s website. He’s awesome!
Debs: Wiki’s up, thank you Brian!
Brian: Hey! It’s ME!  This conversation was a strange one.  Mostly because every time I say Hi! to Errol in chat, I’m instantly in a group chat with a half dozen other people and that didn’t happen this time. That poor little chat window sat there all by its lonesome.

Oh and yeah!  The wiki is back up early.  I had supper at midnight while watching episode 1 of season 2 of Arrow.  The episode wasn’t over by the time the spaghetti was gone.  So the wiki got updated (of course I had to watch Episode 2 while making sure everything was working right. ) 🙂  


16 Responses to Comic 832 – “Wiki Woes”

  1. You know what I’d like to see: a chart!
    More specific?

    A chart with ALL D&E characters. I giant sprawling chart with arrows and information and correlative data.


  2. I love how even in the comic notes, Debs is on topic and Errol isn’t. It’s like you guys really are your characters!

  3. lol which is more important, fixing the wiki or catching up on the latest gaming news?? can’t we do both??? excuse me while I run really quickly from Comic Debs 😀

  4. My kids are totally tickled that they made a comic happen!
    C: OH!!! Does he mean Wizards?
    Me: Yeah, did you do that?
    C: I needed a wizard just after he died. So I spawned one then N spawned 50
    Much smiling an laughing and then C’s eyes got big as he pictured an upset Errol.
    C: But I only spawned one! I didn’t do it!