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Comic 849 – “Tweeter”

Errol: I was chatting with Leezet and Manpans last night. And a conversation similar to this happened. I was trying to figure out which comic to do for today, and this pretty much clinched it.

In the end, I generated a link for her to click so that it would say everything she wanted to say. She then couldn’t figure out how to log out of “Tweeter”. Poor Leezet.

Whitless: I was there for much of the conversation. I left for 5 minutes to call my mom. When I came back they were still figuring it out. It was hilarious. Also, Leezet is awesome.

11 Responses to Comic 849 – “Tweeter”

  1. My parents can’t get Twitter right either. I get a lot of ‘Tw… Tw..?’ from them as a hint for me to finish the word for them. XD

  2. None of my non-Debs-and-Errol-related friends understand Twitter at all. They have, however, long mocked me for my antipathy to Facebook.

    In other news, Frozen came up last night during my the weekly chat with my online students, and I ended up posting “Make It So.” Apparently, one girl’s roommate ended up crying with laughter.

  3. I know Errol wants me to write something in that box right below the comic. But I don’t know how. I only know how to comment. This is a sad, true story. I am as adept at technology as Manda’s mom….

  4. Honestly, Twitter confounds me too. I don’t use it, because I don’t really see the point. When I do try to use it for any reason, to view other people’s tweets, not to make my own, I sometimes have a hard time figuring out how to see, for example, what other people posted about a Twitter user, as opposed to what the Twitter user posted themselves. I don’t know how all of it works. If I ever needed to, I guess I would take the time to figure it out, but I have no use for it, as most of the people I know on Twitter (which isn’t that many anyway) also post the same stuff on Facebook.

    I also feel ridiculous using hashtags, so clearly I’m just too old for Twitter.

  5. I tried Twitter for a while but honest it’s more geared towards businesses, promoters and people who want to follow their favorite celebrities. I gave up after a month, deleted the account and went back to just reading things on the Internet and posting on Facebook. I honestly don’t miss it when most of the links posted in Twitter I can just read on websites.

    but on a technological note, both my grandmothers are terrible about that, one was bad about using a VCR and the other still doesn’t have a computer. I can only wonder what technology I will not use when I’m an elderly geek.

  6. My grandma has always hated computers, and gripped about how much everyone is one them. Well my aunt bought her an iPhone and guess who spends a lot of time surfing Pinterest and playing games. But she still gripes at everyone else