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Comic 848 – “Partners”

Errol: We had this conversation yesterday. And then I tweeted it. All sorts of conversations about Debs happens without her knowing. Poor Debs.

Debs: Hey! People like my solo songs. Are you saying our songs aren’t good?

18 Responses to Comic 848 – “Partners”

      • So you’re saying that you’re both somehow a unicorn, and that still creates a narwhal? Sorry, I’m with SWG, you insinuated that Debs is a whale.

      • Comic creation begun.
        Commence whale comic.

        E: So, Debs, how’s it being a whale?
        D: *angry facial expression* What did you just call me?
        E: A whale. Did I do something wrong?
        D: One does not simply walk into a comic panel and call someone a whale.
        The end.

  1. I like both singing but Debs singing solo works just a tad bit better for me, sorry Errol.

    • *laugh* You know, I am FULLY aware that Debs is a better singer.

      I am totally OK with that. ^_^

      In fact, if Debs decided to go solo and sing her songs of emotion and the D&E audience totally abandoned D&E to follow her, I would be TOTALLY fine with that too.

      I told Debs from the beginning, that at any time she wanted, she could leave. She could exit. She was free to go.

      I utterly love D&E. I love our songs. I love performing. I love going to cons and meeting people. I love socializing with the D&E community. I will continue to pour 200% into the band.

      However, if D&E fails, if D&E crashes and burns, then I’d be fine with that too because my life is filled with enough to last me a lifetime.

      And so, I don’t get bothered by things like other people’s preference, or criticism. If my mom hates geek music, doesn’t matter to me. If someone thinks I’m an awful singer, then they think I’m an awful singer! This does not mean I won’t try and improve, gosh no. I want to challenge and improve myself all the time!

      But critique doesn’t bother me that much. That’s one reason why I like hanging out with Kari, because she will be blunt and honest if I ask her a question which relates to anything creative. This doesn’t mean I will agree with her 100% of the time, but it does mean I can have a solid debate about things and help me figure out areas to improve in. 😀

      So… TL;DR, if people prefer Debs, it’s not a competition to me. I honestly don’t care. If she took over all the comics, or took over all the song writing, and people preferred that, good grief, that’d be AWESOME. *laugh*

      • I like the duo of Debs and Errol, it’s not a competition. On a side note I find I can’t listen to Taylor’s version since I actually heard Debs’s version first. I heard Taylor’s version on the radio, kept waiting for Tribble to show up… No one understood my muttering afterwards

      • I’m never in competition with Debs. There’s no point, really. I know she’d win! ^_^

        And yes, I prefer Tribbles to Trouble, that’s for sure!

  2. I fully agree on the point about having a partner. I’ve worked with someone else on a creative project once, for several months, and so much came out of it. More recently, as I’ve been re-dedicating myself to my writing, I’ve longed for a partner. I bug my husband to help me, and he does act as a sounding board at least, but it’s not really the same as having someone to work with.

    That’s certainly not to say that creative work can’t be done solo, and indeed done well. But sometimes two heads are better than one.

  3. Heh…the conversation is a bit out of order, but it’s otherwise quite accurate. Weird stuff happens when one is chatting with Errol.

  4. So this conversation happened with my husband/creative partner today as we were discussing fawm:
    Michael: we should come up with a plan for what we want to do for fawm.
    Me: ooh I want to do a song called please don’t be dead!
    Michael: I’m serious
    Me: I’m serious about that, wait are you wanting to do serious songs?
    Michael: yes
    Me: because my past fawm songs have included a song about a time traveling zombie golfer and a guy named toast who fights a dragon and becomes toast. Are you going Debs on me…
    Michael: yes yes I am

    So I guess that makes me an Errol. See you should do one of those personality test things lol