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Comic 855 – “Portland Sightseeing”

Errol: I think there were options. I don’t know what those options were.

Debs: Bwahahaha! “Smell all the books” indeed 😀 I am amused. I don’t remember what the other options were, though I know that I wanted to visit this place.

7 Responses to Comic 855 – “Portland Sightseeing”

  1. I remember the highlight of the annual medieval conference in Kalamazoo being the Powell’s Books booth. Nobody escaped the conference without a Powell’s bag or fourteen.

    • I’d have expected no less 🙂 Our hosts were pretty shocked that neither of us actually bought anything. But I wanted to. Oh, how I wanted to.

  2. did Debs say smell all the books?? can I marry her??? books are good, going to a used book sale tmw as long as the weather behaves

      • Ahh, that old book smell. I have several decade-and-more-old paperback SF books on my shelf, and only about half the reason is because I adore the stories therein.

        “When Worlds Collide” isn’t a long book, but those aging pages …

        No Kindle for me, thank you.

      • I like both. I love the feel (and yes, smell) of a book, especially an old one… but the nook is easier to throw into a bag and take with me. I used to pack a dozen or more paperbacks for a trip. one paperback for each plane flight and the nook for the rest of the time does fine for me. Also was able to get a lot of text books that way, which saved my back, and shelf space. Plus I will never ever ever mark up a book, but the ebooks I highlight and annotate freely. I love both… but I have so many more books than I have room for books that they’re falling down, and getting destroyed. My books are too precious to me for me to keep letting them get ruined. And that says nothing of just normal wear and tear. When I’m home, I generally prefer a paperback. When I’m out, I’m on my nook… At work especially. I used to read paperbacks at work. Got yelled at. I read my nook at work. Everyone asks me how I like it, bugs me for a few minutes, then lets me get back to my story.