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Comic 865 – “Stop Motion Desires”

Errol: Yes. I saw the LEGO movie and I thought it was awesome. Very boy centric though. Now I want to go back to Stop Motion Animation.

Debs: Kari and I are seeing the LEGO movie today! Also, chocolate.

8 Responses to Comic 865 – “Stop Motion Desires”

  1. Errol: I refer you to my earlier comment about the Lego Movie and ask right or wrong about who’s whom.

    Debs, enjoy the movie…and the chocolate…but i can only wonder if the song plus the chocolate might make you a bit Errolish even for a bit….maybe you can out Errol Errol himself

    • Ha ha! Was it spaceman? ^_^ 😀 I had space LEGO as a kid. It was awesome.

      And Debs, when she’s crazy and hyper, completely Debs out. Princess Debs is crazy in her own right. ^_^