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Comic 866 – “Weeping Angel Game”


Errol: Last night, I played a game with my girls. There were three Weeping Angels, and we would hide while Manda would try and find the Sonic Screwdriver. It was awesome. To be fair, Manda really only played the victim two or three times.

We want to play the game for our knitting club. Imagine doing this in a spooky church! Hah!

Manpans: OH MY GOSH I LOVE THIS COMIC! (note to people reading the comic, the flash thing was a bit slow for me, so just wait a moment). Yeah, this is about how it went. But it was tons of fun! I actually genuinely scared Errol a couple of times. Of course it didn’t stop my own heart from stopping. Imagine turning on a flashlight and seeing crazy angry Weeping Errol face.

Errol: Rules for the game!

  • Choose who will be victims and who will be angels. Try to have a 1/3 ratio. More angels than victims.
  • Victims get a flashlight each.
  • Place an object (like Sonic Screwdriver) somewhere in the building.
  • Turn off all the lights.
  • Weeping Angels all go hide.
  • Victims start at exit of building and have to find the Sonic Screwdriver
  • If a Weeping Angel has light shone on them, they freeze (simulates Quantum-Lock)
  • If Victims are touched. They are out. Other victims may grab flashlight.
  • If Victim gets Sonic Screwdriver, they can turn on lights with Sonic Screwdriver. This gives them a 2 second reprieve for every angel that is in the room hit by the light. (After 2 seconds – Angels can turn light off if flashlight not on them)
  • If Victim gets to exit of building, they win.
  • Hint to Angels: Don’t say a word. Prolong the terror. Don’t catch them right away. ^_^

19 Responses to Comic 866 – “Weeping Angel Game”

  1. Thinking about it, I’d want to get a larger group together, and start with only two weeping angels, but have everyone they caught become weeping angels- combined with only placing the sonic screwdriver a quarter hour or so into the game, I think that would make a fun variant.

    • Ooo I like that idea. XD Of course this game would also terrify me so it’s unlikely I would ever play a variant of it. Watching it might be amusing though.

      • I view it as being similar in intensity to games like werewolf or mafia, not something I’d be up to do every day, but certainly something I’m willing to play on occasion.

  2. Aw…I’m not going to be at the knitting club tonight because of the ChiSeries. But this sounds like a fantastic game.

  3. My husband, son, and I played something like this the night my son first watched Blink, a week or so ago. It was completely impromptu, as we were all upstairs putting our daughter to bed. I quickly began to HATE it, as they both kept coming after me. I do not like not knowing what’s going on in the dark. I don’t think I could play an organized game of it either.

    And keep in mind, there is a life-sized weeping angel cardboard cut-out in my bedroom, watching me sleep every night. So the game takes on a whole new meaning in my house.

  4. I think if this happened in the comics, Comic Errol would only be able to play this game with Princess Debs once…and only once…it takes a brave soul to try this. Haven’t we got enough scaries in literature and society with you trying to make the Weeping Angels exist. That’s probably how it starts on every planet…innocently “oh this makes a great monster for a show” to years later, they’re really there on the planet doing this.

    If so, I don’t blame the Englishman Moffat, I blame Errol…Princess Debs, save us, you’re our only hope!

  5. Manpans: “Are you my mummy?”

    Nicely played. Then, in the background, as a flash animation, you could show one of The Silence to take the spooky over the top.

    The “mummy” episode was SUPER scary.

  6. That looks *fantastic*! I’ll have to suggest it to my gaming group. I can see certain members getting VERY into this.