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Comic 871 – “Althene & Battlepoet”


Errol: Althene and Battlepoet heard about us through the first announcement that we were coming to OryCon. They were very helpful and friendly and Althene helped find a keyboard rental which was super awesome because we were stuck otherwise! ^_^ She also brought her parents to the concert. I think they think we’re weird. ^_^

Debs: And we went out to breakfast with them on Saturday at Denny’s. That was awesome. There were Hobbit Specials! But no turkey bacon. Whyyy?

10 Responses to Comic 871 – “Althene & Battlepoet”

  1. I remember the Hobbit Breakfast at Denny’s, it was tasty, my only regret was I was too full for Second Breakfast.

    So if I called myself a name from the LotR series, Errol would remember that faster than my screenname? Somehow I think that’s how Real Errol’s brain work. Ha!

    • Ohh, I just remember moffattbooks. I have to remember two names for every person. So hard.

      It’s good that all I have to remember for my bandmate is “Princess Debs.” ^_^

  2. I’m in a Debs & Errol comic!!!! Wheeeeeee

    *happy dance*

    And don’t worry, my parents didn’t think you were any weirder than me…


    that’s really not saying much. But yay, comic!

    Hmm, now I don’t remember if I told you my real name either. But Princess Debs knows, so all is well 😀

  3. Ahh the people look really cute in the comic. I don’t know why, this makes me happy.

    P.S. When did Make It So start having ads? Did I miss something?

  4. Woot! Finally caught up on the comic! Started reading at NaNo last year, then didn’t for a while! Yaay! Um… *cough* Hi, I’m Kieroni. ^w^;;