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CBCMusic #Searchlight – Song Chosen!


CBC Music is doing a contest called #Searchlight, and we chose a song! Huzzah! 

This was hard, folks. We know a lot of you like “Mindless Nerd Anthem”, and we did too, but we realized in the amount of time we had, we could not polish that up. Oh well. It will be on the next album, that’s for sure.

In the end, we chose “Geek Love Song“, because it is our signature song and it seemed the most accessible for a mainstream audience. I wanted Totoro because it’s pretty and has a violin and … Totoro. 

I can’t wait to see what nerd bands will put in.

We will desperately need your help come March 23rd though! We have to vote every day! So, I hope you can put up with us for that long. If we make it into the semi-finals, imagine how awesome that would be??

And look, here is our profile on CBCMusic’s page!

Ya, I know, this won’t win us any points.

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