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Comic 877 – “Dinner Plans”

Errol: We had a lot of panels that weekend. It was so fun. I love panels. And, we made plans with the PDX Broadsides for dinner! HUZZAH!

7 Responses to Comic 877 – “Dinner Plans”

  1. Just a note that comic 900 is coming up on- If I recall correctly- the 27th of March… Artists, reopen your digital art software…

      • I have a memory of last year forgetting Mercenary Pen’s birthday which was close to mine, I think. When is it again?

      • No need to write any more songs for me- I’m content with last year’s 😀

        And of course I got the date right for comic 900- I worked it out the moment that you were done posting bonus comics for the last one…

      • * Laughs * You’re the one who reminds us of the date, MP! Your birthday is officially wedding-themed for me. I’m going wedding dress shopping with a friend from high school and then singing at a (not the same) wedding later that night.

  2. the Princess is weary! send for a bed!, send for a hot bottle! oh and lock the court jester in irons! <–guess who just marathoned GoT season 3?

    that reminds me of seeing Comic Con conventions where someone's literally running around the entire time doing panels and interviews….like Chris Hardwick.