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Comic 878 – “Flat”


Errol: Had a flat tire last night. Couldn’t get the spare from underneath the van. Called a Tow Truck. He couldn’t get the spare out either. Towed it to a service station. They couldn’t get the spare out. At least I know it wasn’t just me! ^_^


9 Responses to Comic 878 – “Flat”

  1. Oh don’t get me started on spares under vans. Even when you know about the secret donut lowering hole in the back of the van (which sounds much more magical than it actually is), the stupid thing can be rusted underneath the van. I spent three hours myself once lying under a van in the pouring rain partially covered by a gas station roof in 2 inch deep puddles of gas and cold water. Not fun

  2. Fixing a flat tire is the one thing I know how to do! … On a bike, that is. On a car, well, not so much. Hope you weren’t freezing to death while trying to wrangle it.

  3. yes tires are evil

    but more importantly, you have a van?? I thought those were gone…used to ride in one years ago, loads of fun then

      • I remember seeing a old style van that had a bed in it..I loved that idea…do that, put a flat screen tv in the roof, doubt I’d ever leave it lol