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Comic 880 – “Cab Bookings”


Errol: Oh man, in the cab, we were singing 80’s tunes, but I forget which one! That would have made a good comic too, but I really have to speed this up… there’s still two more days and I need to get to another arc before April!

7 Responses to Comic 880 – “Cab Bookings”

  1. I half expected them to then follow up with the Dalek eyestalks popping out and yelling “Exterminate” as Comic Errol slowly backed away from them in fear. Loved the sentence ending combo though lol

  2. I remember being up that way and being freaked out that I wasn’t allowed to pump my own gas. Now I can’t remember which state I was in, but it was Washington or Oregon…I think. 🙂

    • That would be Oregon. On the rare occasions when my mother crosses the river, she always forgets. One time, it almost looked like the attendant was going to tackle her before she could reach for the pump 🙂

  3. You can’t pump gas in New Jersey either. I dislike getting gas in states that do that. I’m not an invalid and am perfectly capable of pumping my own gas. Having someone else do it just makes me feel uncomfortable… and that I need to tip them. XD

    • I imagine the reason for it is to prevent gas station fires by preventing static charge from reaching fuel hoses (fear me, for I have watched precisely one episode of Mythbusters on the subject)