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Comic 879 – “PDX Broadsides”


Errol: When we were in OryCon, we got to meet so many people it was awesome! ^_^ And I had dinner with another awesome, geeky, filk band, PDX Broadsides! They were crazy amazing! So much fun!

Debs: Aww. We had a show just after dinner and I really needed the recharge time. I had a nap and yummy chicken soup and I’m pretty sure I talked to Kari on Google chat. I love you guys though!!!

5 Responses to Comic 879 – “PDX Broadsides”

  1. one of these days we’re going to get a comic where Comic Debs aka Princess Debs gets her revenge. Any ideas Your Highness?

    • Haha. I’m more amused than anything else 🙂 But I’m also remembering that I was, “I should go” and Errol was like, “You clearly need down time, so don’t worry.”