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Comic 884 – “Songwriting with D&E”


Errol: Seriously, how DO we exist as a band? ^_^

Debs: * Laughs * Hey, we got it done and the song still sticks in my head sometimes.Danica said she was enthralled by the whole process. Poor girl 😛


4 Responses to Comic 884 – “Songwriting with D&E”

  1. LOL whiplash much?? I know nothing about songwriting but do either of you write the song first then add the music second?

    • I’ve done both, but I tend to write lyrics first.

      If I need to write lyrics for someone else, then I actually write to an existing song just so I have a sense of rhythm.

      If it’s my own song, I will write a rough draft of lyrics, then write music, and then fix the lyrics to fit in the song.

      • Billy Joel said in concert that he always writes the music first these days, because he tried writing the lyrics first once. Then he played us the music to that song without the lyrics. It was “we didn’t light the fire”.

  2. Yeah, it was pretty much like that. It’s a wonder you guys get anything done. lol But honestly, it was a great experience. I hope you guys can make it back sometime!