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Comic 885 – “Seattle Geekly”


Errol: We got a chance to meet with Seattle Geekly. It was so awesome to sit and chat all night about geeky things. ^_^

6 Responses to Comic 885 – “Seattle Geekly”

  1. OMG the cartoon us are adorable!

    Also, this is almost exactly how I remember this evening going down except we were both just as excited as Errol!

    Well almost as excited. I’m not sure anyone could be AS excited as Errol gets…

  2. lol almost like comic Debs needs to put some kind of electric collar on comic Errol. “No Errol! somehow that controller is given to any woman who knows comic Errol.

    You know…fridays could be like a Mirror Universe version of you guys…only a weakling comic Errol and a totally in control Empress Debs